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Travis Barker involved in accident with school bus

Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker has gotten involved in a bad accident with a school bus.

He was driving a black Mercedes in Calabasas when witnesses say he was making a left turn and a school bus smashed into him, the bus was also in the midst of a turn.

Travis Barker involved in accident with school bus lailasnews

Fortunately Travis was driving a big, solid black Mercedes G-wagon, so that vehicle can take a beating. It probably saved him from having serious injuries, as he was seen on his feet and talking to others at the crash site, appearing to be unhurt but shaken up.

Fortunately no children were on the bus at the time of the scary accident and neither of his two children were in his Mercedes when the bus struck it.

There were passengers in Travis’ car, including his son. We do not know their condition, but the collision was serious enough for Barker’s air bags to deploy.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that Travis was not at fault for the crash.

The accident has created a mess on the street and police and other emergency vehicles have blocked off the area.

Scary transportation accidents are sadly familiar to the 42-year-old. He was nearly killed in a fiery 2008 Lear jet crash in South Carolina that left him with burns over 65 percent of his body.

The crash killed four people onboard and also badly injured his friend Adam Goldstein, a.k.a. DJ AM who died a year later from a drug overdose.

Travis underwent 27 surgeries and spent four months after the crash in burn centers. He detailed his ordeal in his 2015 memoir Can I Say.

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