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Video: Couple spotted having sex on someone’s grave in broad daylight

When you think you have seen it all, life throws more bizarre events to your face. A brazen couple were caught having sex on a gravestone in broad daylight in a churchyard frequented by children.

And we can’t help but wonder why they couldn’t wait till they get home.

Video_ Couple spotted having sex on someone's grave in broad daylight lailasnews

Dog walker Scott Elwood saw the couple when he was passing through the Holy Trinity Parish Church in Shaw, Greater Manchester. He was so outraged by the disrespectful sight that he decided to film the explicit scenes.

In the video, the woman believed to be in her 30s is seen lying on the gravestone while the man stood in between her legs.

“On a f*****g grave? That’s f*****g wrong that, mate,” and angry Scott told the couple.

He later reported the incident to the police and was shocked even further when the offending man called him to brag about what he had done. The man bragged that he and his female lover “did it for 45 minutes.”

The man, believed to be in his 30s, claimed to be “not arsed” and told Scott to “get a life and stop perving on people”. He went on to encourage Scott to do the same, telling him to “have some fun in his life and take a risk now and again”, claiming he too would “feel the buzz of being caught”.

The man in the video admitted that he was having sex in the graveyard for 45 minutes but refused to comment further.

The woman involved the footage said: “One person took a video. Just one person saw it.”

Watch the video below.


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